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An anonymous reader writes: The cloud has changed the way in which we work, communicate, and live, and is here to stay. Mind-blowing growth and scale of investments are predicted. As everybody knows by know, the energy-intensive nature of maintaining the cloud, makes the IT sector more and more polluting.

The IT sector is also one of the most energy spilling industries. Energy efficiency varies widely from company to company. New York Times and McKinsey Company analyzed energy use by data centers and found that, on average, they were using only 6 percent to 12 percent of the electricity powering their servers to perform computations.

This underutilization, or waste, is a result of unpredictable peaks, together with ever growing business dependencies of the cloud applications. Both the predicted growth as increasing dependencies will increase “oversizing” of IT capacity even more, a non-sustainable situation.

Companies have to use each other’s IT capacity to make IT more sustainable at the end. A new type of collaboration, what will result in better and sustainable usage of existing IT capacity. Together, we have to focus on innovations, which make things more efficient. This philosophy of “Running the Cloud Together” has been the starting point of Greenclouds ever since it has been founded 3 years ago. Supporting the beliefs, which we have to collaborate and change, to truly innovate.

This blog will encourage the conversation and interaction about topics like cloud computing, cloud federation, energy efficiency, collaboration and how technology could support this new movement. I invite you to contribute to this conversation.

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