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The Military

Submission + - Electromagnetic pulse weaponry - More real than you think. ( 1

Julian Wordsmith writes: Remember the chase sequence in the movie Matrix where the Zionians are saved by the Sentinels with the help of the Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) blast? Well the same technology is more real than you might think. A host of companies including Boeing are already in the process of developing Electromagnetic pulse weaponry. The idea is to have these weapons powerful and compact enough to fit on aircraft's and use them to short circuit the entire enemy weapon systems. Imagine how easy it would be for fighter planes to fly into enemy territory whose radar system would have been fried with an initial EMP blast.
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Electromagnetic pulse weaponry - More real than you think.

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  • EMP weapons have been with us for a long time, every Nuke is one.
    The most simple EMP attack is detonating a medium yield nuke at very high altitudes, so the EMP blast spreads through a huge area, and the radiation effects are tiny. The main reason this isn't used is that using a Nuke is using a Nuke, it sets precedent. Very large nukes actually produce less EMP effect than medium ones.

    Those EMP weapons that are being mentioned are nuclear free weapons, there's also microwave weapons that have a similar effe

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