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Submission + - What are the Unwritten Rules of Deleting Code? ( 3

Press2ToContinue writes: I came across this page that asks the question, "what are the unwritten rules of deleting code?"

It made me realize that I have seen no references to generally-accepted best-practice documents regarding code modification, deletion, or rewrites. I would imagine /.'s have come across them if they exist. The answers may be somewhat language-dependent, but what best practices do /.'s use when they modify production code?

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What are the Unwritten Rules of Deleting Code?

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  • just delete the code, and keep the old versions in a version control system, like git, svn, cvs, mercurial, whatever.
  • If they were written down they wouldn't be the "unwritten rules of deleting code," would they?

    • I believe in two unwritten rules of deleting code:
      1 - Beware of the ego of whoever wrote that code, specially if he or she is your Boss
      2 - Most people in this world don't quite accept the KISS principle, deleting code might go against that majority that believes a simple thing is a bad thing
      Those rules are specially important when you're replacing a whole module of the old code
      There are many exceptions of course.

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