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Submission + - Kid, No more; 11 year old builds social networking site for kids (

An anonymous reader writes: What did you do when you were eleven years old? Well in New York an eleven year old kid, who was stopped by his parents to use Facebook, builds his own social networking site “”. He was stopped by his parents to make sure that he may not use Facebook in an inappropriate way.

To sign up a Facebook account the kid had actually given incorrect age to the social site, and then was banned by his own parents to use it, after this he also rejected many other social media platforms designed for kids saying it’s childish as reported by New York Daily.

Zachary Marks, now 12, who built the newest internet site for kids says that he also took help from his other five siblings, and they together created the newest social-media platform.

Daren, father of the kid registered the site “” as a company earlier in March 2012, saying he realized the potential of his child.

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Kid, No more; 11 year old builds social networking site for kids

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