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Submission + - World's slowest web transaction processing (theage.com.au) 1

neuroinf writes: "Here is marvellous Melbourne we have a wonderful new smart cart ticketing system for public transport. This article describes it: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/myki-disaster-from-touch-on-to-touch-off-20130102-2c5j6.html One of it's "features" is that it can take "up to 3 days" to process a purchase of a ticket using a credit card in a web transaction. In a world where even in it's farthest reaches people can move money from account to account in seconds, I wonder if this is the slowest web transaction processing of a purchase?"
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World's slowest web transaction processing

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  • It's because of the way the online top ups are done. Your card is John Citizen 490398204838 Basically you top up online say $5, click the boxes, and send the money. Myki sends a note "John Citizen 490398204838 $5" to the main myki server, then the main myki server at 12am sends all the top ups from the previous day to each and every myki reader in a nice long list. When John goes and touches on, the system reads through the list of 100's of mykis and topups, checks with the server that it isn't already a

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