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Submission + - Android Game Consoles "OUYA" and "GameStick" make Waves on Kickstarter (

dryriver writes: 2 new Android-based game consoles are making waves on crowdfunding platform The Rubik's Cube sized OUYA console has attracted 8.6 Million Dollars of pledges (, and is well on its way to mass production. The newer GameStick console (, also Android based, and shaped like a compact USB memory stick, has just taken to Kickstarter, and already gathered 140,000 Dollars in pledges in its first 2 days of crowdfunding. Both consoles have the same aims. 1) Compatibility with existing Android games and Android apps. 2) Allowing Android games to be played fullscreen at 1080P on big-screen TVs 3) A purchasing price that is much lower than the consoles made by Sony, MS and Nintendo. 4) An open, as opposed to closed, game development ecosystem, making the consoles easily hackable and moddable from day one. 5) No expensive Developer Kits. Both OUYA and GameStick consoles will include a full DevKit when you purchase the console, so anybody who buys a regular retail unit will be able to develop games for it. — Perhaps most significant is that both OUYA and GameStick aim to upgrade Android gaming from being played on Smartphone/Tablet screens a few inches in size, to being played on big LCD/LED/Plasma TVs. This could eventually lead to Android going from a phone/tablet OS, to becoming one of the most popular and mainstream Computer Gaming ecosystems in the world. And this in turn would create an incentive for Android powered computers/consoles to eventually feature new CPUs/GPUs powerful enough to rival PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U/PC in graphics and sound quality.
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Android Game Consoles "OUYA" and "GameStick" make Waves on Kickstarter

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