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Submission + - Look its a blimp, no wait, A gigantic Aeroscraft ( 1

techfun89 writes: "There is a new type of aircraft taking to the skies, specifically, a new type of rigid aircraft that isn't a blimp.

Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak says "The final configuration and vehicle systems integration functionality testing has been completed as the Aeroscraft subscale demonstration vehicle reaches the finish line."

The aircraft is to begin flying tests over the next 60 days, followed by a full scale version. Pasternak also thinks that this transportation solution will be around and change the way we fly for the next 100 years. Possibilities for transportation include slow flight cruises over land like we currently have with sea cruises as well as military transport. The rigid design allows for new possibilities beyond what blimps offer."

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Look its a blimp, no wait, A gigantic Aeroscraft

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  •'s a "rigid aircraft that isn't a blimp". NO rigid aircraft is a blimp. If it has a rigid frame, and it's held aloft by a lighter-than-air gas, it's a dirigible or zeppelin.

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