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Submission + - Ubisoft Uplay accounts compromised and being stolen over New Years 1

Kodack writes: Ubisoft's Uplay service may have been hacked by Russian hackers. Users with strong security passwords and indeed people who had not used their accounts in months have had them stolen. Not by a trojan or keylogger. I wish Ubisoft would talk with us about it so we can find out how deep this goes but they are silent on the issue.

Many people have taken issue with Ubisoft recently. Their Uplay service in particular with some of it's games and their always on DRM have been rife for criticism. Now there is a new criticism; the Uplay account security is weak.

I woke up New Years day to find an email from Ubisoft saying my Uplay account information had been changed to an address at a domain. The account name and email were both changed and without asking to confirm with me first. My account and all of the games on it had been stolen.

Getting online to log a ticket I found there is literally no way to do so without a Uplay account, which had been stolen. In doing some digging I found this thread in which many other people had their accounts stolen around the same time by people at and domains.

Ubisoft has been almost completely silent on the issue and although it is clear there has been a data breach of some sort, they have not warned their other customers.

Customers logging support tickets are being asked to call a long distance number in order to get their accounts back. As of 11 AM CST the wait time had 14 people in front of me and after 15 minutes I had only moved up 1 spot. I ended up hanging up.

Some of the users who lost their accounts are deaf and took exception to being asked to call to get their accounts back.

A google search of "Uplay account stolen" is showing a growing number of threads from many different places all created December 31st to today.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.1355534169,d.b2I&fp=a7e118819f5e1e5b&bpcl=40096503&biw=1920&bih=935

Security breaches are becoming an all too common problem for gamers on many different systems. In the case of Uplay though not only are you locked out of your account, you are locked out of your games. It's a different story when theft of an account involves theft of property in the form of games.

After 3 days I have yet to get my account back.
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Ubisoft Uplay accounts compromised and being stolen over New Years

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