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Submission + - Nokia's Upcoming 10.1-inch Tablet - Sneak Preview - TECHNOGIST (technogist.com)

fardeen27 writes: "The tablet market across the globe is set to get more competitive with the news that Nokia is preparing to launch a 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet appearing everywhere on the Internet. While Microsoft’s Surface was the first Windows powered tablet to enter the tablet market, Nokia is now gearing up to put up a stiff competition to the likes of iOS and Android. This piece of information is great news for tablet enthusiasts around the globe and it may catapult the beleaguered tech giant Nokia back to the podium.

Last week saw technology websites abuzz with action as rumors started pouring in about Nokia, at last, setting its plans of building a 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet in motion. The tablet which was supposed to be launched alongside other Windows 8 tablets was put on hold to make sure the Surface RT had a smooth launch. Now that the Surface has had a good welcome, it’s time Nokia ventured into the tablet market space."

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Nokia's Upcoming 10.1-inch Tablet - Sneak Preview - TECHNOGIST

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