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Submission + - You Need a Touchscreen for Windows 8

theodp writes: Over at CNN, David Goldman opines that you need a touchscreen for Windows 8. 'The ability to touch, tap, swipe and pinch on Windows 8 computers is what makes the new operating system come to life,' Goldman writes. 'You can still use Windows 8 without a touchscreen, but that's kind of like tossing aside the remote, getting up, and repeatedly pushing buttons to change the channel on your TV.' Just 5% of Win 8 laptops sold through Dec. 15 had touchscreens. At $500 or so, the Asus VivoBook with its 11.6" screen is the cheapest touchscreen Win 8 laptop, which helps explain why many are settling for budget u-can't-touch-this Win 8 laptops until prices fall, which is expected to occur in mid-2013.
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You Need a Touchscreen for Windows 8

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