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Submission + - Website for the Council on Foreign Relations Compromised 2

deeqkah writes: It has been confirmed by David Mikhail, of spokesperson for The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that malware had been installed on CFR's website. The Washington Free Beacon, citing a source apparently familiar with the forensic investigation of this incident (a 'security analyst speaking on the condition of anonymity'), is reporting that a 'drive-by' had been installed on the compromised website as late as Wednesday of this week, and has since been removed. The Washington Free Beacon's source also revealed that the attackers apparently limited their targets to users who's browsers were configured to display characters from the Chinese language, and that the malware itself was allegedly written in Mandarin.

The Council on Foreign Relations is a self described "nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher" with over four thousand members located across the globe. Some current members include current and former US Government officials (including Presidents), and journalists.
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Website for the Council on Foreign Relations Compromised

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