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Submission + - Iranian TV Channels forcibly removed from 3 different TV Satellites ( 1

dryriver writes: The Islamic Republic of Iran used to be able to broadcast several of its state-run TV channels, including the Al Jazeera-like English language news channel "Press TV", using a number of international satellite TV providers. This allowed Iranians and other people living in territories like Europe, Asia and America to watch Iranian Television, and to be able to get an Iranian perspective on various things, particularly via the English-language "Press TV" news channel. Now, Iran's TV channels are being forcibly removed by one Satellite Operator after another, with vague "Sanctions" against Iran, agreed upon by the European Union, being cited as the reason. French Eutelsat has removed all of Iran's TV channels from its service. So has British satellite operator Arqiva. The latest Satellite operator to remove all of Iran's channels from its service has been Spain's Hispasat. Whether you like Iran as a country or not — it is a politically repressive and highly religious conservative country — it seems that the West is actively trying to silence & eradicate Iran's television presence in Europe and elsewhere. That raises an interesting question: How would the West react if a number of satellite operators suddenly threw out important Western channels like CNN, BBC, France 24, Deutsche Welle and others, and you couldn't watch these channels anywhere anymore? There would likely be tangible outrage and accusations of "Politically Motivated Censorship". Well, this precise course of action is being applied to Iran's television channels, and the fact that this is happening is barely even mentioned in Western news.
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Iranian TV Channels forcibly removed from 3 different TV Satellites

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