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Submission + - FreeBSD Fundraising almost there (freebsdfoundation.org)

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that the FreeBSD Doundation fundraising is going pretty well. 461k $ funded in less that one month its a success and seems better than expected by other slashdot readers(http://bsd.slashdot.org/story/12/12/09/1726222/freebsd-project-falls-short-of-year-end-funding-target-by-nearly-50), and should not be rated as "fail". Since the FBD Foundation site have a lot of details of what is being done to improve FreeBSD and what will be done(in a non-tech description), what is the feature/subsystem/port that you thing deserves some love from FreeBSD developers?
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FreeBSD Fundraising almost there

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