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Submission + - Security Comcast, I'm Calling you Out

truck87bp writes: In late November of 2012 I called Comcast support because my DVR wasn't recording properly. I received a greeting from a nice male voice in well spoken English but sensed that this person was not located in the USA. I asked where he was located and he said India. I started to explain that my DVR was not recording as I had programed it to.

We need some information before we can continue. Name, Address, City and Zip and My Social Security Number...? I told him, I'm not giving you my S.S. number but the last 4 digits are xxxx. He says OK, Thank You! He immediately began to help me which says he verified my SS number. Unplug the DVR to reset it and it should work fine in about a half hour. Is there anything else I can help you with? I replied Nope! and he said to have a nice day and thanked me for using Comcast.

The little problem I have is, why does a call center outside of the United States have access to my S.S. Number? With the amount of Idenity theft in the digital world, it seems all of a sudden as though Comcast does Jack Shit to protect it's customers. You are my ISP and you be the first one on my list if anything ever happens to my Idenity!

You and any other call center in the USA have NO Right making my S.S. personal information or anyone else's available to outside the USA.

I also apologize to all people working in foreign call centers around the world because this is how you earn a living. This is not your fault but the fault of the greed displayed by big business around the world to get a job done as cheap as possible.

Comcast, No excuse will ease my mind, NONE!
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Security Comcast, I'm Calling you Out

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