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Submission + - Help a /.er pay for gender reassignment surgery ( 1

Trillian_1138 writes: "I've been a /. reader (mostly a lurker) for over ten years. Next December, I will be undergoing gender reassignment surgery, and I'm asking for your help. I'm using a Kickstarter-style fundraiser, were there are rewards for various donor levels. Rewards include sex toys, trans-positive porn, artwork from comics like Subnormality and The Devil's Panties, and more. Particularly geeky, I recently went to 3DEA in New York City to have my penis scanned by lasers (relatively SFW link) so that I can offer custom-molded candles, chocolates, and dildos as a reward. I know my goal, $10,000, is ambitious, but every little bit helps. Help spread the word, and thanks!"
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Help a /.er pay for gender reassignment surgery

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  • You want me to donate money so you can have your dick amputated when there are hungry people in the town I live in?

    If you have the money, fine, but begging for sex change money is just plain WRONG. Hell, why don't I start a kickstarter to buy myself a Porche? It's the same thing. So fuck off.

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