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Submission + - Guns Don't Kill People SSRIs Do (ssristories.com)

blackbeak writes: I'm certainly aware that the recent school shooting is being discussed at length, but the direct correlation of increased prescription of SSRI medication to the increase in horrific incidents is so staggering and so pertinent that this "elephant in the room" deserves it's own discussion. Unlike guns, which can only be held in the hand, SSRIs are held in the mind controlling the hand. You'll see a huge upsurge in news stories again about how guns need to be curtailed, but (again) few stories, if any, about the medications pulling the trigger. Yet SSRIs are obviously behind these killings. SSRIs mess with brain chemistry in ways we cannot fully understand or control, way too often resulting in horrifyingly confused, disordered and psychotic manifestations. How about discussing how these meds are insufficiently tested, driven through the FDA (a "captured" regulatory agency), released into the wild and then prescribed to children on (and off!) label.
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Guns Don't Kill People SSRIs Do

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