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Submission + - Gmail no longer accepts self signed certs for pop3/ssl (

vicm3 writes: "As six of December Gmail has ceased to accept self signed certs for pop3/ssl/tls their reason they do is

"Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail
As of December 2012, Gmail uses “strict” SSL1 security. This means that we’ll always enforce that your other provider’s remote server has a valid SSL certificate. We made this change to offer a higher level of security to better protect your information.
What are the SSL certificate authority requirements?

We do not accept self-signed certificates. For a certificate to be valid it needs to chain up to a valid CA, like one in the Mozilla CA list."

So this means effective December 6 we lost ability to check for mail on machines that are not paying for a signed certificate from a recognized CA Authority meaning at this moment $$ and worse, no small amount, yes, there are some el cheapo providers, but again could happen that Gmail also don’t trust them I just guessing what is going to do my ISP (Dreamhost) as they also use self signed certs and wild cards issue by them, by the way this will broke their offer for mail integration, and mos probably for a lot of SOHO users and finally for myself as my set up for reading mail on the web is now totally messed up, maybe is time to return to use IMAP on Thunderbird for on the road reading as on home I still use Thunderbird/pop3 for archiving and long term storage"

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Gmail no longer accepts self signed certs for pop3/ssl

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