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An anonymous reader writes: The US version of Google search no longer seems to feature the three options concerning safesearch (Off, Moderate and Strict) Instead, they've opted for what seems to be mandatory moderate search with the option of filtering explicit content (ie. strict filtering). There does not seem to be a lay-man quality way of turning safesearch off anymore. and possibly other country specific domains related to Google seem unaffected. Some complaints have already started appearing on Google's product forum:!category-topic/websearch/google-images/WIPzdBq6E4Y Answers so far, have been rather vague.
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  • do search -> click search settings ->
    "SafeSearch filters

    Turn on SafeSearch to filter sexually explicit content from your search results.
    option: Filter explicit results.
    option: Lock SafeSearch"

    same as always - they just made it on/off. Stop this fud shit.

    • The problem report is that the new "off" acts like the old "moderate", not the old "off".
      • except if you look at the bottom of the search results, you can go back to the old off.

        Is this really that hard to figure out? oh right, google is evil yadda yadda.

        I still think this is incredibly stupid, and obfuscating search results is the opposite of what we expect out of a fucking search, but the wording for the title here is ridiculous.

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