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Submission + - Google avoids billions in taxes using Bermuda shell companies ( 2

dstates writes: Bloomberg reports that Google is using Bermuda shell companies to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes world wide. By routing payments and recording profits in zero tax havens, multinational companies have been avoiding double digit corporate taxes in the US and Europe. Congressional hearings were held in July on the destructive consequences of off shoring profits. Why aren't the US and Europe exerting more diplomatic pressure on these tax havens that are effectively stealing from the US and European treasuries by allowing profits that did not result from activities in Bermuda or the Cayman Islands to be recorded as occurring there?
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Google avoids billions in taxes using Bermuda shell companies

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  • We take in two trillion in taxes every year. We spend three trillion. While government has a role, is that role three trillion worth? Put that in perspective and ask what we get for that extra $1,000,000,000,000? Control the spending problem then worry about the taxing issues.
  • Amusing how when some person or company legally minimizes their taxes, the news is always worded as if everyone should be horrified, that it is their glorious duty to pay as much in taxes as possible so we can get more free stuff out of them.

    Warren Buffet has been a recent noisy cheerleader for this attitude, making it out to be dangerous right wingers who are somehow responsible for Buffet Inc not paying more in taxes, and there needs to be a law forcing Buffet Inc to pay more. Funny how nothing actually

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