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Lew-the-nerd writes: "A well known Montreal photographer, dba Studios of Hera Bell, is the center of a firestorm of discussion in the photography world as a huge number of her postings and supposed sales have been of other people's work. Evidently she prowls Flickr and other sharing sites, downloading good high resolution images, modifies them slightly (often by flipping them on axis, perhaps to confuse image search engines). There is a multiple page discussion of this at and 20+ examples of her infringement at
Several of the photographers who have had their work stolen, and perhaps resold, are talking of a joint law suit and a Canadian newspaper is ostensibly preparing an article.
Theft and infringement are a huge problem as people try to expose their work to a great audience. The amazing part is that photographers are naively and unnecessarily uploading full res images to public sharing sites such as Flickr, essentially leaving their property out in the open for unscrupulous people to take and use."

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Photographer lives by Web, caught by Web - Copyright Infringement Central

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