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Submission + - Mobile price war torches Spain as iPhone 5 drops to free on contract (

brocket66 writes: As Verizon and AT&T continue their slow dance of stealth price raises like new activation charges and mandatory unlimited texting, the rest of the world is being gripped by extreme price-cut fever. From South Africa to Israel to New Zealand, mobile markets are being reshaped by radical new pricing initiatives. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Spain, one of Europe’s biggest — and once the most dynamic — markets.

Next week, a challenger operator called Yoigo will start selling the iPhone 5 for free with a two-year contract that costs as little as €25 per month. Another new plan launching in December offers voice calls for €0.01 per minute. 1GB of mobile data per month can be had in another budget plan that costs just €9 per month.

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Mobile price war torches Spain as iPhone 5 drops to free on contract

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