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Submission + - Sophisticated Zeus Campaign Nabs $47 Million From 30k Accounts (

wiredmikey writes: A sophisticated Zeus campaign stole an estimated €36 million, or $47 million, from over 30,000 customers across more than 30 banks in Europe this summer.

The Eurograbber campaign, as it has been named, used custom versions of Zeus and Zeus in the mobile (ZitMo) Trojans to bypass the two-factor authentication measures to compromise customer bank accounts, Check Point's Darrell Burkey told SecurityWeek. The attack intercepted SMS messages sent to customers to confirm financial transactions.

What made Eurograbber different from past Zeus campaigns, other than the sheer amount of money stolen, was the fact that it successfully compromised both the user's computer and mobile device to bypass the bank's two-factor authentication mechanisms. Law enforcement shut down the command-and-control servers in mid-October.

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Sophisticated Zeus Campaign Nabs $47 Million From 30k Accounts

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