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Submission + - Canadian Scientists Create Virtual Human Brain (

GregLaden writes: "A team of scientists in Ontario have assembled 2.5 million virtual neurons, run on a Linux-based super computer, structures to mimic the overall architecture of a human brain. It can "see," remember things, answer basic questions, do some minor reasoning, and it communicates by "drawing" with a virtual arm equipped with a virtual piece of chalk. This is a valid and useful attempt at mimicking overall brain functioning, but with major limitations.

The brain is called Semantic Pointer Architecture Unified Network, or, rather creepily, “Spaun," and is reported behind a firewall in Science but summarized here. Helpfully, the research team made videos of Spaun carrying out various tasks.

Spaun was created using the Nengo simulation software package, and run on clusters Orca and Kraken of the SharcNet High Performance Computing Consortium. In other words, it is run on a Linux based supercomputer. It takes up about 24GB of ram and takes about 2.5 hours of processing for one second of simulated time."

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Canadian Scientists Create Virtual Human Brain

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