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Submission + - Fingerprint-proof flexible plastic could soon replace Gorilla Glass (geek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Dai Nippon Printing (DPN) has come up with an alternative to glass for smartphone/tablet touchscreens. The Japanese company has developed a hard-wearing plastic sheet that has a hardness rating of 9H (the same level as corundum and Gorilla Glass, but half has hard as diamond), while its light transmittance is rated at 91.2% and haze at 0.4%.

The sheet consists of three layers: a plastic substrate with a hard coating on the back and a “fingerprint-proof” layer on the front. The 0.5mm thick cover is also flexible, meaning it can be applied to bendable displays when they finally become viable.

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Fingerprint-proof flexible plastic could soon replace Gorilla Glass

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