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Submission + - How do you steer a small MS development company away from MS lock-in? 2

toebob writes: "I work as sysadmin for a small company. Or flagship product is developed in .NET and uses MS SQL Server on the backend. Between MSDN and MPN (Microsoft Partner Network) Microsoft makes it very easy for small companies to use MS products across the board for all sorts of development and internal use. I see a future where the company grows beyond a certain size and suddenly all those MS products become very expensive but by then we'll be locked in and migration will be terribly expensive and difficult.

Is it possible to avoid growing into a Microsoft-centric business? If so, what alternatives are available for .Net, Visual Studio, MS SQL, MS Office, Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, etc... that work together as well as the Microsoft backoffice suite?"
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How do you steer a small MS development company away from MS lock-in?

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