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Submission + - U.S. congress reacting to China's monopoly on rare earth materials (senate.gov) 1

schneidafunk writes: U.S. Senator Robert Casey Jr. introduced an amendment to the defense bill today, stating: "China controls production of more than 95% percent of the world’s supply of REEs critical in a wide range of industries – from electric cars to smart phone batteries to wind turbines – but has increasingly been reducing the amount available on the world market, sending costs for industries that rely on REEs skyrocketing.

China’s trade practices pose a threat to national security. According to the Department of Defense, difficulty in obtaining cerium, a rare earth metal, has already caused production delays with weapons systems.".

It seems one hurdle is the profit in recycling rare earth materials.

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U.S. congress reacting to China's monopoly on rare earth materials

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  • The USA has plenty of rare earth minerals but the EPA and other government agencies have made in nearly impossible to open a new mine in the USA. In China you just pay a few bribes or mine illegally and pay off the police and you are in business. You can drink from rivers and streams in the USA. In China if you drink from the rivers you will probably get sick. Many vegetables you buy in China are laced with chemicals. The USA cannot on one hand complain about the pollution in the USA and on the other try to

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