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Submission + - Why is Microsoft/Bill Gates "The Enemy"? 2

rtobyr writes: "We /.'ers love to bash on Microsoft and Bill Gates. I'm no exception. Among many reasons, I hate DOS vice Bash. Bash is so natural. "man" is so useful. DOS is--by comparison--an abomination. Yet, DOS scripts ("batch files") are so much more common--dare I say: the standard--when compared to Bash scripts. Why don't I look at *sh as the abomination?

Barring complaints of the Win8 UI, Vista, & ME (we all make *some mistakes*), Windows OS's starting with 2000 have been satisfactorily stable--even when compared to *nix competitors (including OSX). I can't remember having to reboot a Windows server unless I was updating it.

As much as I really hate to admit it, Windows Server does more than other OS's. I can use IIS if I want, but I can also use Apache or NginX. I can use DotNet or C# if I want, but I can also use C, C++, Python, Perl, or any number of other languages.

Most of "us" prefer Linux over Mac, and Mac over Windows. We prefer Tovralds over Jobs, and Jobs over Gates. Why? Which of them have done the most good? The B&M Gates Foundation gives billions of dollars (to include the lion's share of Warren Buffett's fortune) to charities. Jobs is not known for being a philanthropist. The same goes for Stallman & Torvalds, yet we favor them as role models.

Why? Please don't be to sarcastic. I honestly wonder why my loyalties lie where they do (BSD > Linux > Mac (Actually BSD... I know...) > Windows) when Gates is actually doing more for the impoverished than Stallman, Torvalds, Jobs, and Cook combined?

What phenomenon compels me to internally condemn the most generous, and yet idolize those who--based on what I know of them--are A-Holes?"
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Why is Microsoft/Bill Gates "The Enemy"?

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