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Submission + - Which 10-inch Android Tablet is Best? (deviceguru.com) 3

DeviceGuru writes: Now that the much-anticipated Google Nexus 10 tablet has finally arrived, the Android-inclined have several decent alternatives to pick from. Considering this summary of features, specs, and performance of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1, the Lenovo IdeaTab S2110, and the Google Nexus 10, it all comes down to how you prioritize price, performance, and specific features. Which 10-inch tablet do Slashdot readers like best?
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Which 10-inch Android Tablet is Best?

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  • I've been waiting for an A15 processor, and Phoronix says it's fast (as expected). Pick one up via a cheap Chromebook or high-res Nexus 10. Nothing ARM is newer.
  • For me, I wanted a 10" tablet and know ill replace it quickly (within 18 months). So for me a comprise tablet -- the archos 10.1 turbo is perfect. US$299 price point, known root , active community. Great all around tablet but a little poor when it comes to writing / graphics support (inaccurate touch interface) and no direct 3g/4g support without a dongle that only works in Europe. Im sure There other "good enough" options.
    given how many changes are coming in the next year Im not comfortable with the price

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