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Submission + - Reporters Without Borders unveils first-ever "Anti-Censorship Shelter" (

ektoplasme writes: The French NGO "Reporters Without Borders" has just released a website called "We Fight Censorship"( that aims to combat censorship and promote the flow of news and information. The WeFC website is used to publish content that has been censored or banned or has led to reprisals against its creator (murder, arrest, harassment, pressure and so on). The site hosts content (articles, photos, videos and sound files) in their original language (including Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Spanish) and in translation (above all in French and English). Reporters Without Borders ( took the initiative of creating this website because it wants to make censorship obsolete, to show that depriving content creators of their freedom, seizing copies of a newspaper or blocking access to a website containing a video will not prevent the content from being seen throughout the world – quite the contrary. The site also offers practical tools, advice and techniques that teach netizens how to circumvent censorship and to secure their communications and data. A “Digital Survival Kit”( will gradually be unveiled over the coming months in order to provide everyone with the means to resist censors, governments or interests groups that want to control news and information and gag dissenting voices.
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Reporters Without Borders unveils first-ever "Anti-Censorship Shelter"

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