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Submission + - World of Commodore 2012 December 1st In Toronto (tpug.ca) 2

Leif_Bloomquist writes: "The Toronto PET Users Group (TPUG) is pleased to announce the World of Commodore 2012. As a followup to last years's successful event, everyone is invited to join us for a weekend of all things Commodore. There will be information about and displays of a variety of Commodore computers, demonstrations of new hardware and software projects using Commodore equipment, screenings of Commodore related videos, vendors selling the latest hardware and software available for Commodore computers as well as classic hardware, accessories, applications, games and much more."
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World of Commodore 2012 December 1st In Toronto

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  • I attended last year for the first time (I have to fly 3 1/4 hours from where I live to get to Toronto) and it was worth it. I met a lot of cool people, including Jim Brain who is well knowin in Commodore circles. I also managed to bring a bunch of interesting hardware back.

    The best part of it was that I took all the broken, non-working Commodore stuff I had (and the odd working bit that I just didn't need) and it all disappeared from the giveaway table. I'm always happy to see that stuff go somewhere wh

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