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An anonymous reader writes: Linux Revolution 2013

Will this be the year of GNU/Linux? If you ask a ZDNet journalist you would probably get a yes, just like every year since 2009. If you take a look at Linux news, it seems that 2013 is shaping up for Linux to finally get more then it’s 1% market share. Ubuntu’s latest release is easier then ever to install and has added some great features.

There are a number of portable devices scheduled for be released in 2013.
  PengPod is wrapping up what looks to be a successful crowdfunding effort on indiegogo. They have a line of dual booting portable devices running GNU/Linux and Android/Linux. Vivaldi is another GNU/Linux tablet that has closed its pre-orders quoted from their site: “After an overwhelming response and thousands of pre-orders, the first shipments of Vivaldis have been spoken for.” Then you have Rasberry PI making a mini computer. Ubuntu is developing Ubuntu for Android.

So is 2013 the Year of Linux? Only time will, but it seems to have a good chance this time.
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Linux Revolution 2013

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  • Android is killing the Smartphone market with 75% market share. Android is Linux.
    Linux supercomputers dominate their market.
    On the embedded market (routers/wifi/appliances) linux has at least 30% market share.
    Web Servers ? Also around 30% or higher.
    Even for non web server market (databases / ERP / ...) linux is a relevant player.
    Perhaps the only market where linux isn't a serious contender is the desktop !
    But Linux isn't KDE/GNOME. Linux is the kernel, and perhaps Linux/GNU.
    Linux is already the most relevan

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