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Open Source

Submission + - Emulation, Code Porting to OS's, Mobile, and Steam moving to Linux? (

phillihp writes: "Many people think that when you create an application, you are stuck with the Operating System that the app is created on. Not true. Code, that creates applications, is a lot like many other things in life: Power Adapters, USB connectors, Video Codecs, or Audio types; there are conversions for everything. There are many people who work at very low level systems that allow your technology to work and be compatible with many other pieces of technology.

For example, the task of getting Microsoft Windows applications to work on Linux, you can use an Open Source app like Wine. In this case, Windows apps can be ported to Linux without compilation changes, but because they are emulated. But with compilation, such as the programming language C and C++, applications and games can be ported..."

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Emulation, Code Porting to OS's, Mobile, and Steam moving to Linux?

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