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Submission + - Leaked Intel roadmap shows the end of socketed CPUs (extremetech.com)

MrSeb writes: "For the past thirty years, desktop system longevity has been defined in sockets. I cut my teeth as an enthusiast on Socket 7, and I’ve owned examples of virtually every AMD and Intel socket standard that followed. For the past eight years, Intel has used an LGA (land grid array) socket in which the actual contacts are on the motherboard with contact points on the CPU. This packaging has served the company well; it’s scaled the number of contacts from 775 to 2011 on Sandy Bridge-E, and had no trouble with high TDP parts. According to a leaked roadmap, Haswell will be the last Intel chip slated for an LGA package. All of the Broadwell parts on the map are dual- and quad-core SoCs with 47-57W TDPs that would be soldered to the motherboard, using BGA (ball grid array, the usual method for soldering surface-mount chips to PCBs). Dual-core Broadwells also pick up the 10W and 15W form factors; the same article suggests Intel intends to abolish the 35W TDP segment altogether. Is Intel doing this to simply ramp up chipset sales, by forcing users to upgrade the whole motherboard rather than just the CPU? Unlikely, given the tiny number of users who still upgrade CPUs, rather than merely upgrading their entire system. More likely the move away from LGA to BGA is to reduce electrical resistance, thus reducing the TDP of the parts and pushing newer chips into lower power envelopes."
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Leaked Intel roadmap shows the end of socketed CPUs

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