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Submission + - Mannequins can record shoppers, recognize gender, age, race, etc. (networkworld.com)

colinneagle writes: It's doubtful you ever stop to think about all of the overhead security surveillance cameras in stores, but you are aware it's there. A new twist on secretly spying on shoppers would put the camera at your eye level because it is hidden in the eye socket of $5,130 Almax mannequins.

According to the EyeSee brochure:

"This special camera installed inside the mannequin's head analyzes the facial features of people passing through the front and provides statistical and contextual information useful to the development of targeted marketing strategies. The embedded software can also provide other data such as the number of people passing in front of a window at certain times of the day.

All this in total respect of privacy, protected by a sophisticated mix of hardware and software technology which processes the data without the aid of a computer and without having to record and transmit sensitive information (images or biometric data), and so without leaving any trace of the face analyzed."

However, according to Christopher Mesnooh, a partner at law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse in Paris, "Watching people solely for commercial gain may break the rules and could be viewed as gathering personal data without consent."

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Mannequins can record shoppers, recognize gender, age, race, etc.

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