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Submission + - Making a Living, Living Life

An anonymous reader writes: Ive spent the very short period of my life searching for something new that could possible help me live a little and that could also give me the freedom I need in life. I found alot of dirt and lost so much money trying different things. Then finally I found something that helps me make a living actually living. WorldVentures in it self is a travel club. But before we get to that, let me tell you alittle about myself. Thats a picture of myself in california with my fiance. I live in katy, texas now. I am not a internet gooroo. I didnt do very well in english and I believe im smart but still have alot to learn.

I am a Marine and fought for Operation Iraqie Freedom. Ive had over 9 surgeries after Iraq and I left the Marine Corps with a honorable discharge with no money and 37 thousand dollars worth of debt. I know to most of you, thats not alot of debt but I couldnt get a job because I was in a wheel chair and I didnt have income till the VA gave me my disability. I was given a gift in the Marine Corps and that was to not be afraid to take chances. Before I joined I was a very talkutive, Nice, and kind of a wimp. Dont get me wrong I played football and love to fight but I Just was scared of certain outcomes and loosing money to stupid crap like gambling and opportunities that worked was something I didnt do. You could convince me that this or that really worked. I believe that you all and myself shouldnt waist our money on that stuff when we have worked so hard to make it. After I joined the Marine Corps, they gave me confadence, they made me a very successful young man, and I myself am worth more then I was before my service to my country. obviously they didnt teach me how to spell and or english, hehe.

I play 6 instraments, and was well known as twinkle toes for my dance skills, singing is something im good at too, I worked on airplanes, and helicopters for the Marine Corps. I am creating my own knew business right now to help people like myself loose weight. is my website it is still underconstruction but ill have it up as soon as I learn more about html. Like I said earlier, im no internet gooroo. Ive created my own websites like and the other ones by learning off of youtube. I talk way to much and Can sell just about anything you give me in person But heres the deal. Direct sales, door to door, and talking to family just doesnt allways produce the income I need right away. Im not saying to you it doesnt work but I am saying that it doesnt always give you the outcome you need right away. I mean really, lets start this and weight to make knew friends to sell a product. Or wait till you have someone that has millions of friends to sell for you. come on really. That works but it also takes tooooooooooo looooonnnnnggg. You may get lucky sometimes, but people like me who have worked there whole life and who know that nothing comes without extra work know that sometimes you have to go the extra mile before things work for you. Look at my website and see the family I joined with this club membership. I had a family and that was the Marine Corps and they watched over me. When I left I felt kinda naked and alone. Family moved on and so must I. so I made a new one and decided to join and make this very small over time big change because the second I heard about this gift I knew that this was for me. Making a living actually living life to the fullest. It gave me a chance to change my life and at least the chance to make a fresh start without having to deal with a boss and I can get up and role out of bed when I wont. I was a mess and no other job would take me and pay me enough and put up with my hospital appointments all the time. I needed this and if you need something like this too just check it out for yourself. and if its for you I am sure ill be training you soon or just helping you understand everything this gift has to offer. God Bless Everyone

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Making a Living, Living Life

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