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Submission + - Portabee 3D Printer Launch (portabee3dprinter.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Hi Slashdot and the World!

We have developed our own simple and minimal 3D printer, derived from a vast wealth of reprap heritage, and are trying to break into the market with some neat engineering and an

attractive price point.

Enhancing some key aspects such as machine balance and axis stability gives us an edge of other existing kits. Most importantly, we have made our machine portable.

Our aim is to distribute a portable, efficient and robust 3D printer, capable of performing at the level of the industry standard for fused depositation (on par with ultimaker.com) for under 500 bucks.

You can view our machine at: portabee3dprinter.com

People instantly fall in love with the idea of 3d printing, and come up with a bunch of original things to do with the machines. We want to lower the barrier for entry and get more people involved.

We believe in our machine and our engineering and greatly desire that 3D printing be present in more homes. So we are taking our shot at moulding the future.

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Portabee 3D Printer Launch

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