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Submission + - BlackBerry 10 receives FIPS Security Certification before official release

An anonymous reader writes: "After having recently announced their milestone point of entering carrier lab testing, RIM has now announced that BlackBerry 10 has received FIPS security certification ahead of its consumer launch." writes crackberry, which then explains the importance for BB10. ubergizmo tells us this "is the minimum criteria required for products used by US government agencies" although we already discussed that the NTSB are willing to relax security requirements, though more important US agencies such as the Pentagon may not. RIM, which is the third largest mobile operating system with 4.3% of sales, has only just managed to defend its position against an onslaught from Samsung's Bada (also around 4% and double it's nearest rival Symbian) and is likely breathing a sigh of relief at the good news and the chance to prove that there is a space for a third player in the mobile OS market otherwise totally dominated by Apple and Google.
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BlackBerry 10 receives FIPS Security Certification before official release

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