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Submission + - Facebook to share data with Instagram, loosen email rules (newsdaily.com)

mphall21 writes: Facebook is proposing to merge user data with its newly acquired photo-sharing service Instagram. Facebook is also looking into changing policies relating to email traffic.

        Facebook said it is proposing to scrap a 4-year old process that allows the social network's roughly 1 billion users to vote on changes to its policies and terms of services. Facebook said it may share information between its own service and other businesses or affiliates that Facebook owns to “help provide, understand, and improve our services and their own services.”

        The proposed data merger could open the door for Facebook to build unified profiles of its users that include people's personal data from its social network and from Instagram.

        Along with the proposed changes, Facebook said it wants to do away with a setting that allows users to control who can contact them. Facebook plans to replace the “Who can send you Facebook messages” setting with new filter for managing incoming messages.

        Asked whether such a change could leave users exposed to a flood of spam, Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said that the company carefully monitors user interaction and feedback to find ways to enhance the user experience.

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Facebook to share data with Instagram, loosen email rules

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