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Submission + - Electric Cars DOA without Supercharged Batteries 1

greenjobsguru writes: "This is the typical chicken and egg problem. No charging stations, no electric cars; no electric cars, no charging stations. Unless scientists deliver some serious breakthroughs in battery capacity and charge time in the next few years, we're going to need charging stations everywhere. Home, office, retail parking lots, shopping malls, airports, and yes, gas stations. The US has currently about 160,000 gas stations, but research outfit Frost and Sullivan estimate we'll have 4.1 million charging stations to keep our electric cars juiced up --yes, that's 25 times the number of gas stations! And preferably powered by renewable energy (bummer! we'll also need a smart grid for that...).
Then, we'll have a real clean transportation industry, with plenty of good paying green jobs. So, let's try and stay optimistic."
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Electric Cars DOA without Supercharged Batteries

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  • 1 - We already have electric cars with 260/300 miles range (new / old EPA range test) for the Tesla Model S
    2 - Tesla is making recharging on the road free forever for Tesla Model S customers with the top range battery (the same that reaches the range quoted above), close to home, you can recharge using your own AC outlet
    3 - Yes, the Model S with long range is expensive, but it's not just any EV, it a revolutionary car in far more ways than simply being an electric vehicle (it competes with the best Sedans o

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