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Submission + - Worlds first, multi-action rubber band shotgun! (

An anonymous reader writes: When Robert Coulston initiated a Kickstarter campaign to support the rubber band shotgun he invented, he had no idea what kind of feedback to expect. But when he surpassed his $5,000 goal only two days into the campaign, he knew he had developed something special. Now only twelve days into the campaign, Coulston has received over three times the pledge amount of his original goal and holiday gift orders overflowing his inbox.

“I had no idea what I was in for when I set this up. I spent a whole day having fun with my kids and friends creating the Kickstarter video, and seeing this kind of interest and support in Bandit Guns is like a dream come true,” said Robert Coulston, inventor of the Bandit Gun.

The Bandit Gun is touted as the world’s first, multi-action rubber band shot gun and comes as an easy-to-build kit.

“I love that it’s a twist on something so classic from my childhood. It’s nostalgic, yet something completely new. I also enjoyed getting to work with my hands and assemble it myself. The Bandit Gun was easy to put together, but it still felt like I was building and creating something special,” said Nathan Stewart, Bandit Guns customer.

  The short video for the Kickstarter campaign features Coulston, his three children and a number of friends showing off and explaining “The Outlaw” and “The Sheriff” Bandit Guns. The video also features a fun western-themed shoot out with the Bandit Guns in action.

“For me, Bandit Guns are really just a labor of love. It’s been such an amazing experience to share this with my family and friends, and see the enjoyment people get out of the toy. I probably play with it more than my kids, so I definitely understand the appeal,” said Coulston.

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Worlds first, multi-action rubber band shotgun!

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