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Submission + - McAfee blog admin explains his 'accidental' role (

netbuzz writes: "Chad Essley, a graphic artist who works out of Oregon, “met” antivirus pioneer John McAfee on a message board last year and the two discussed some video work that Essley says fizzled because McAfee wasn’t “able to view video in Belize on his slow Internet connection.” Then after Belizean authorities raided McAfee’s home back in May, Essley says McAfee summoned him and paid his way to Belize “to draw comics about the absurdity of his persecution in Belize.” He returned to the U.S. after 10 days. Fast-forward a few months, McAfee’s neighbor winds up murdered, McAfee goes on the lam, and he asks Essley to launch and administer a blog on which McAfee is telling his tale from wherever. Says Essley: “I can only say that getting caught up in this has been very shocking and life-changing My story has really been a sidebar to all of this, but I've been drawn in closer as time goes on.”"
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McAfee blog admin explains his 'accidental' role

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