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Submission + - Apple's spaceship campus will be completed later than expected (

SternisheFan writes: One of the biggest projects Steve Jobs was involved in before he passed away was the new Apple campus in Cupertino, California. The campus is a round spaceship-like building that would house a huge number of Apple employees. The build project for the spaceship campus has been delayed slightly. Apple has reportedly revised its plans and the new building might not be completed until the middle of 2016. Apple reportedly gave the new timetable along with an updated proposal to the city of Cupertino on November 14. Originally, Apple had planned to break ground on 176-acre campus in 2012.
    However, Bloomberg reports that the city maay not complete the environmental impact report until June. Apple might not be able to start work until 2014. There is a chance that Apple could break ground in 2013, but that would be “only if everything goes smoothly.” Apple had originally wanted to move into its new building by 2015. There were no major changes made in the new proposal submitted to the city that deviated from what Steve Jobs presented to the city Council in June 2011. The revisions Apple submitted reportedly allowed the construction to be completed without having to remove any dirt from the site. The revisions also had Apple moving its freestanding 1000 seat auditorium further away from surrounding roads than it was placed in the original. The changes including little things like an additional building to house utility equipment and more parking spots.

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Apple's spaceship campus will be completed later than expected

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