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Submission + - SPAM: Male Baldness, will there ever be a Cure?

mmil01 writes: Don’t start selling all your wig company stock just yet, but according to a recent study in the journal Science Translational Medicine, researchers have identified a protein that appears to play a role in male pattern baldness — and inhibiting that protein, they believe, may allow dormant hair follicles to rise again.

Like many proteins, the name is a mouthful: prostaglandin D2, or PGD2. University of Pennsylvania’s Luis A. Garza and his team first compared the complete genetic makeup of hairy and not-so-hairy areas on five balding men’s scalps. Through that analysis, they found higher concentrations of the gene that produces PGD2 in the bald parts. In 17 subsequent samples of scalp tissue, they found the concentration of the protein to be three times greater in men’s bare spots than in bushy spots. The researchers also used mice and human-hair cultures to show that inordinate amounts of the protein slowed or stopped growth.

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Male Baldness, will there ever be a Cure?

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