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Submission + - Greenpace Study Finds "Harmful Chemicals" in Garments Made by 20 Top Brands (

dryriver writes: The Huffington Post reports: 'Greenpeace has released a new report today, "Toxic Threads: The Big Fashion Stitch-Up," that investigates the prevalence of toxic chemicals in popular, low-priced clothing brands. Part of Greenpeace's Detox Campaign, the report reveals the link between two unfortunate realities: textile manufacturing facilities using hazardous chemicals and the presence of those chemicals in the products of those facilities. "Many chemicals that are used in the dying and processing of fabrics are hormone disrupting and even cancer causing," said Greenpeace's Media Officer, Myriam Fallon, and those chemicals are being dumped into rivers right near the factories. So Greenpeace tested 141 clothing items from 20 major brands, including Zara, Levi’s, Mango, Calvin Klein and H&M, looking for evidence of phthalates, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) and azo dyes, which can break down into cancer-causing amines. The result? “We found that 20 of the world’s favorite brands are making and selling clothes containing hazardous chemicals which contribute to toxic water pollution where the clothes are made and washed,” said Greenpeace Toxics Campaigner John Deans. According to “Toxic Threads: The Big Fashion Stitch-Up,” four garments contained high levels of toxic phthalates, 89 garments contained NPEs and two items, both from Zara, contained cancer-causing amines from the use of azo dyes.'
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Greenpace Study Finds "Harmful Chemicals" in Garments Made by 20 Top Brands

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