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Submission + - With Otellini Out, New Intel CEO May Bring Fresh Mobile Focus (

CWmike writes: "Intel CEO Paul Otellini is getting ready to leave the company, and analysts say this could be a good change for the world's largest chip maker. Intel announced on Monday that Otellini, 62, will retire in May after nearly four decades with the company. Whoever takes over as Intel's next CEO will face a daunting job. The company has been struggling to find its way into the burgeoning mobile market and faces tough competition from ARM Holdings, whose processors and technologies are widely used in mobile devices. The company has also been challenged by the depressed PC market. However, Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy, said a new leader, whether well-versed in mobile or not, may not change the company, or its future direction, all that much. Intel is such a strong company with a new mobile strategy that the departure of one CEO and the entrance of another shouldn't alter its course much, he said."
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With Otellini Out, New Intel CEO May Bring Fresh Mobile Focus

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