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Submission + - Career in WLAN or Cellular?

An anonymous reader writes: I have offers for jobs in software development in the realms of WLAN/Ethernet and Cellular. I am having a hard time choosing one amongst them. Any helpful career advice the readers in here could offer would be really beneficial to me and be deeply appreciated.

Baseline: Both jobs are in equally good companies (with equally competitive pay, benefits etc), so this is not a criteria for my decision.
Also, I am not considering any family perceptive to my choice (such as moving with family/kids etc with regards to relocation) at this point.

So what I am having a hard time about is:
1) Which field is better to work in.. future prospects etc,
2) How important is choosing the location of the job:
One of the jobs is in company's HQ, while the other is away in the silicon valley (which is not the other company's HQ).
3) I know I may be disregarding other important decision dynamics, please advice what it could be if so.

Many thanks in advance!
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Career in WLAN or Cellular?

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