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Submission + - SPAM: Accelerate the flow of products to the promotional gift

An anonymous reader writes: Products through distributors to reach the terminal, and finally to the consumer, this is the product distribution channels, as sales staff to help dealers often do promotions can digest inventory, which solved the problem of the backlog of dealer inventory. To digest inventory through promotions, to solve dealer varieties structural problems through promotional activities, to help the dealers to sell more profitable products. So as to speed up the sales of the product.

The basic point is Darwin's theory of evolution: survival of the fittest. Biological adaptable preserved in deep competition resilience difference was eliminated. Survival of the fittest this point of view, it is very suitable for the dealer's management team or field. Accelerate product sales to help dealers achieve profits, products and distributors alike follow the elimination mechanism, most of the investment of time, what time to recruit them, what time to go, not a business to have the final say but dealers have the final say, so very few companies have the elimination mechanism. Circulation of products in order to better achieve elimination mechanism, how to control the dealer shall be eliminated by those circumstances?(flashing fan)

Product distribution channels and ultimately to consumers, this channel the flow direction, if it is to drive sales by consumers, called pull marketing, if products one level down to promote, called push promotions.

The sales of the company's products, is nothing more than these two, of course, it can also be merging. Transnational enterprises are generally drive sales. Because pulling is consumers take the initiative to buy your product, named to buy your product, it is a way of advertising to enhance the brand image and market share, accounting for N0.1.N0.2 status, in the minds of consumers accounted for the first and second. Drive sales generally suitable for large enterprises, large enterprises ample funds, advertising spending is relatively large. But most of the enterprises, including small and medium enterprises, belonging to push sales, the products need a pressure level down, pushed down. If the product does not push from the enterprise to the dealer, this product is still enterprises to reach the hands of dealers, the dealers do not want to push your product to the terminal, this product at the distributor's warehouse, terminal to terminal reluctant to push into consumer the hands, the sales would be very difficult.

Must learn in order to increase sales, a new sales method called promotion. Promotion is to promote the product level and flow down, thrust the greater flow faster, this is the product of the push-pull principle, any new product, new brand, new businesses, small businesses, mainly by marketing skills to promote product sales.

For good products, good brand, large enterprises mainly rely on advertising and other promotional media to do product sales pull, push-pull is the highest state. The the personnel structure does not need a push-pull incentive mechanism is not the same. For example, some large enterprises rely on to drive sales, the human resource system — sales staff to drive sales of these enterprises is only an order of collectors, he does not need to push, so his reward model average reward, but if to get this incentive scheme to promote the sale of the business it is inappropriate because to drive sales belong to a form of the mess, promote the sales staff of sales rely on each thrust, thrust higher the greater the sales, the thrust of the smaller sales Amount lower. Therefore, the thrust is to reflect the capacity of the most important aspects of the sales staff. For small businesses, the new product will need to train a large number of sales staff thrust.

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Accelerate the flow of products to the promotional gift

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