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Submission + - Google: It'd Be Irresponsible Not To Be 'Immoral' 1

theodp writes: Over at the Guardian, Margaret Hodge and Jeff Jarvis debate the rights and wrongs of the revelation that Google, Starbucks and Amazon pay so little tax in the UK. Hodge is the Chair of a UK parliamentary committee that grilled the three American corporations about creative tax maneuvers that resulted in Amazon paying an effective UK tax rate of 2.5% on 2011 earnings of £309bn, Google paying 0.4% on £2.5bn, and Starbucks paying zilch on UK earnings of £365m. In testimony last week, a Google VP explained, 'We pay all the tax you require us to pay,' adding that the company's tax arrangements are not a matter of 'personal choice' but of a responsibility to shareholders to keep costs down. Hodge replied, 'We're not accusing you of being illegal, we're accusing you of being immoral.'
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Google: It'd Be Irresponsible Not To Be 'Immoral'

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  • It's great to raise awareness, but the bigger evils here are the useless politicians that *made* the broken laws.
    Go after the politicians until they simply repair the broken Laws, and the whole thing is solved.

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