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cain amofni writes: ""Bitcoin is a strict peer to peer protocol, and not a centralized system under the control of arbitrary rules or fallacious economic ideas like Keynesianism. In its essence, Bitcoin acts like a law of nature (powered by cryptography) and it does not ‘care’ about your philosophy or ideology. By dint of this alone, Bitcoin cannot be called ‘socialist’ or have a political philosophy attributed to it, any more than an inanimate object, or a fundamental force of nature can. It is designed to do one thing, it does that thing, and that thing is not inherently political""
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Bitcoin is voluntarist, not socialist

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  • Though, the people that *invented* BitCoin may have had their ideas, agendas and hopes. Or they simply enjoy math and software.

    I think the debate over this is over.
    "BitCoin is here. Eventually used everywhere. Get used to it."

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