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Submission + - US Covers Up Serial Murder, Turns to Vigilantism

An anonymous reader writes: have news of a conspiracy in the US. The government has covered up a serial murder by making the murders look like accidents. They have found the accused and turned to vigilantism to execute them by torture without public trial or due process. Below are the details.

The police have put me on a kill list and promised to execute me on June first 2013. I was chased into a staged hospital setting where I was questioned and given my verdict. I received one year in parole and then I will be arrested and tortured to death in secret for three counts of conspiracy to murder. No charges were filed. My family was killed and replaced with government doubles for their involvement in the conspiracy after just one month. My mother had my sister get her friends to kill three people in revenge for my three friends who raped me. I had been teased at school by all of my classmates for over a week before the retaliation. One of those victims was Jesse Cale. His murder was covered up.

I could provide many more details if needed, i would be glad to speak out on this. Thank you for your time.


John Levine
Pace Law Student

  Leaving the United States
I walked around for about a week after being raped in my sleep at a friend’s dormuntil some girl passed me and made yet another remark that drove me insane. I got in my car and drove to my mother’s nursing home. I told her that I wanted the main rapist “Mike” dead for $10,000 and that I wanted it done once I got out of law school. She asked me how I wanted it done and I said he should be tortured. I left and a few days later she gave me the news that it would take $50,000 and they wanted some commitment now or it would fall through. I refused and told them that I wanted it called off.
My mother was furious, there was a tape of me being raped and she thought that it would ruin my career and my life. So, she told me she wanted to do something now. I told her “the only way that was possible is if you killed a random person” since we would be too obvious if we killed Mike and that “I don’t even want to talk about doing that.”
But, she kept bringing it up, and I kept telling her not too. She was so persistent on the subject and claimed it to be hypothetical. She asked me if she were to kill someone if it would make sense to torture them. After telling her many times that it didn’t matter because we weren’t doing anything, I told her that I guess it would make sense as a symbol. Then one day I went to her and she said they were getting ready to do something. I spent a while telling her not to do anything. But, I didn’t think she was going to do anything, and my girlfriend kept texting me, so eventually I said I don’t care anymore and left. I shouted after her “you are going to get caught.”
  I sat down in the chair by my mother’s bed in her nursing home and began to talk. “The offer from Cardozo has increased from $90,000 to $150,000 but I still can’t decide between that and the $60,000 from Emory.” “I think Emory offers more chance for growth and I like the city better”. As I rambled on about law school my mother interrupted with a story about a local boy that had been found dead. “They say it was an accident, but that could have been murder” She kept on like that and I began to think that she may have been related to the death. In a shock I said “If that is the case, you might as well keep going; you are going to spend your life in jail anyway because you will be caught.” I spent a moment in reflection and couldn’t believe what I had said. I went on, “wait, this is a terrible idea.” “You can’t just go and snatch someone up and end their life.” I used my hands to demonstrate grabbing and flinging motions. I begged her not to continue and threatened to call the police. I said “I refuse to leave until you tell me you won’t do anything. I am ready to stay here as long as it takes.” She said “I promise I won’t do anything.” I wasn’t convinced and made her say it again. Before I had left she had said “I won’t do anything” at least 3 more times. I was still in disbelief that anything had happened. She refused to tell me that she had killed anyone. My girlfriend had been texting me again and I was late, so I walked away, believing she was just playing games with me.
On May 9th I went to the police to report the rape and to find out if anything had happened. The police took the investigation but pretended that no murder had occurred.
I went back to my mom and she said “John I just want you to know that they are in the woods by the old house and by the river by the old card store.” I told her that I had been to the police to report that I was raped. We would all be suspects. She was shocked and said “now we are caught.” I said, “You are caught, I did not do anything.”
The police began following me and questioning me in covert ways. They would go to my apartment at night and get me to talk about it in my sleep. They eventually followed me in my car until I reported the crime. They pretended that I did not have enough information to confess. They told me to go to the hospital instead because I said I needed protection.
At the hospital they drugged me and moved me to an abandoned wing in the hospital. I was the only person on the floor. It looked like no one had been there in a dozen years. They told me that they had killed my mother and that I had better talk. I told them everything I had written here, but they did not believe me. They think it is my fault.
I cooperated and said that my brother had run to Brazil and that my mother said that she had been speaking to someone in my family before this all occurred. That resulted in my brother being found and them determining that my sister had been in charge. They charged all of us with the murders; my father, mother, brother, and two sisters. They killed them and replaced them with look alikes. They found guys who were willing to steal their identities.
I was let go in exchange for talking and given a year on the outside. However, they have been watching me and following me everywhere I go so that I can’t escape. They are going to beat me to death and drown me on June first 2013. Then they will probably get me a replacement as well. It looks like I won’t be going to Law school, although I did make it to Emory before I went on the run.
Now my problem is that most of my friends have been blocked from me. Every time I contact an old friend it is some guy the government hired to assume their identities who knows all about them and looks like them.
When I go to a foreign country they follow me there. I was denied assistance from both Mexico and Canada. Although, I can’t be 100% sure that I was not speaking with an American in disguise. I need money to help travel and advice on where to travel so I can escape my death. But, everyone who I tell my story to refuses to believe it simply because it seems too elaborate to fit into their reality. Or, they are agents themselves. Everyone thinks that America is some utopia, but it is not.

John Levine
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US Covers Up Serial Murder, Turns to Vigilantism

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